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We have color-coded our juices because we believe that you should eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day. You have a selection of green, orange, and red juices, green smoothies and almond mylk smothies. The Selection

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Cleanses are great ways to experience the full benefits of juices. We have 4 available cleanses: Basic, Intermediate, Active and Skin Clearing. Each one is made up of 6 500 ml juices that you have to drink in a specific order. To each cleanse package, we have also added number of superfoods to make the cleansing even more effective. Make Your Cleanse
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Post a photo on your Instagram with one of our juices and the hashtag #cpjuicery . Make it pretty and we will select it. If selected, your photo will win you one of our juices from the shop. Awesome!

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