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My first exposure to freshly squeezed juices I remember it happened in early 1999 when I started University in Sydney, Australia.

My whole life I had issues with poor digestion, constipation, sluggish metabolism, bloating and general abdominal discomfort, but somehow I never managed to find the cause of it. I was too young to realise the importance of these warning signs my body was giving me.

I was busy enjoying life to consider that my body was suffering, and that , sooner or later , my body will deliver the payback check for this negligence. Picking up a fresh juice on my way from the train station to University quickly became a habit and my body was thanking me for it. I felt, lighter, more energetic, my digestion improved significantly, I was more mindful about my food choices, my skin cleared and I could concentrate much better at my studies.

I thought I have finally found that inner balance I hoped for.



Fast-forward 12 years, and there I was, sitting on the couch during one sunny Bucharest afternoon, thinking wait, wait, wait, what is happening here?

I am exhausted, bloated, constipated, cranky, anxious, my skin is full of teenager like spots, I am swallowing down in one go combination of chocolates, muffins, chai lattes without actually feeling their tastes or flavours, my mood swings are intolerable, my legs are very swollen and I retain a way too much water.

The sun is shining so brightly outside, the spring is in its full bloom and I feel so dark inside?

Well I guess it was just another Hashimoto episode.

It did not take me long to realise that I need to find the cause of my disease, so most of my research led me to the years of bad eating habits and poor nutrition.

I knew that if I wanted to combat my auto-immune disease I needed to change my relationship with food. It was not going to be easy but I was ready to take one step at the time.

During one of my daily meditation sessions the juices popped in my mind and before you know it I was juicing again. Few months later I was in a week long juicing detox. It was honestly the hardest and the best week of my life. It was a week when I faced all my physical and emotional demons, the week in which I found myself again and the week in which I decided that I want to pursue a juice cleansing business.

And that is how the idea of Cold Pressed Juicery was born.



The road back to my health was an amazing learning experience that I hope can help other people who are struggling to start a healthy lifestyle. As every person I still have my own struggles and challenges but I am definitely more mindful and knowledgeable about impact of food and nutrition on our physical and emotional well being. And knowledge is power. If you are aware of the problem at least you can go and do something about it. I truly believe that I am where I am now because I am a firm believer in amazing benefits of cold pressed juicing.

This is where I draw my main motivation for the business. I am also a mother of a healthy baby toddler for whom I hope I will be a positive inspiration and example of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Juicing really changed my life in so many ways. Maybe we will have a chance to meet up and chat so I can tell you everything about it. Until then, please consider giving juicing ago in any way you think is best for you. By juicing yourself at home or by trying our products.

Either way, if my personal story motivates you at least to try juicing my mission is accomplished. The rest is up to you. Happy, healthy juicing everyone !



Cold Pressed Juicery