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Orders & delivery

We deliver our juices fresh every day. For the juices from our menu, while we have them made fresh every day and in stock, stock varies and depends on availability.
If you want to make sure that your receive your juices exactly how you want them we would recommend ordering them with a day in advance. Or simply calling us up to see what we have in stock at that particular moment.
Minimum order for menu juices is 4, if you want to have them delivered on us.

For the cleanse packages, we also deliver fresh juices everyday. We make them fresh based on your orders. If you have ordered for example 3 days cleanse , starting from Tuesday, you will have 3 deliveries, starting from Monday afternoon. We deliver in the afternoon before your cleanse starts , so that you have them in your fridges as soon as you wake up Tuesday morning.

To order a cleanse package you need to place your order with at least 2 day in advance before your start the cleanse. So if you want to start your cleanse on Tuesday, we need to deliver it on Monday afternoon. This means that the order needs to be placed Sunday or latest early Monday morning by 10-11 am. If you want to cancel your cleanse order, this also needs to be done with a 24 hours notice.

For example if you are starting your cleanse Tuesday morning, we need to know by latest 10-11 am Monday morning that you would like to cancel. For any other information please contact us on [email protected].


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