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The difference

Here at the Cold Pressed Juicery we do things the right way.
The right way is the only way to go .

cold pressed

Our state of the art hydraulic juice press applies tonnes of pressure to previously grinded fruits and vegetables, to extract, with minimal oxidation and without any heat, nutritionally dense, fresh tasting juice full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

No heat and almost no oxidation in our cold pressing process means that we are able to give you the juice in its purest form, exactly as nature intended, raw, clean, pure, fresh and full of living goodness.

Honestly cold pressed, we provide you with the most authentic and natural juicing experience.

100% raw,
fresh and unpasteurised

Our juices are homemade, cold-pressed, raw, and unpasteurized which means that we provide you a juice in its most pure living form.

Each 500 ml bottle contains around 1 kg of fresh fruits and vegetables, cold pressed and delivered daily. We strive to make our juices with the best available fruits and vegetables, used together with the most renowned hydraulic press, which we have imported directly from USA.

Since we do not apply any heat to our juicing process, in other words we do not cook our juices, they are naturally energizing but also unpasteurised. For that reason they can only last up to 72 hours when refrigerated, without significant loss of taste, colors or nutrients.

1 KG of fruits go into this small bottle
& nothing more

And noting else added, that is our guarantee. We can honestly say that simplicity is what we strive for.

Keeping things simple, clear and transparent.

STEP 1, we have designed our juice combinations with the help of internationally renowned nutritionist, author and naturopath. Why? Because we believe that her experience, knowledge and expertise can take our juicing journey to a much higher level.

STEP 2, we invested in the state of the art industrial juice press. Why? Because we want to provide you with the most natural juicing experience and the best quality, cold pressed juices.

STEP 3, we add the ingredients, the best available, and whenever possible local fruits and vegetables + nutritionally dense superfoods. Why? Because we believe that you deserve the most nutritionally balanced and energizing juicing combinations.

If we add to this lot of hard work, love, dedication and passion for what we do, that is pretty much it. Simple.
Fruits + vegetables+ superfoods+ cold press + love
si nimic in plus.

Wellness on the go

We believe that every person has the right to a good health and optimal well-being. In our opinion, healthy lifestyle and wellness in general is not a privilege but necessity for a balanced, fulfilled and happy life.

Unfortunately busy lifestyles, general lack of time and world where everyone is in the rush often lead to overconsumption of junk food, lack of nutritional nourishment and health imbalances.

We truly believe that juicing can help correct these imbalances. So our mission is to provide premium quality, nutritious, cold pressed juices to as many people as possible.

We strive to teach our customers about benefits of juicing and to help make their transition to a healthier lifestyle as easy and simple as possible. We make the juicing experience convenient, quick and easy. We provide you with the nutrition and wellness on the go.

Cold Pressed Juicery