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Lisa Guy

Hi, my name is Lisa Guy and I’m a Sydney based naturopath, author, and passionate foodie, who runs a naturopathic clinic called Art of Healing.

I feel extremely lucky that for the past 12 years I’ve been able to do somethingI absolutely love. I find it incredibly rewarding being able to help people achieve their optimum health and inspire them to lead healthier, happier lives, through good diet and the use of nutritional supplements, herbs and homeopathic remedies.

I’m a great believer that good wholesome food is one of the greatest pleasures in life and the foundation of good health. I encourage my clients to get back to eating what mother nature intended – good, clean, wholesome food that’s free from artificial additives, pesticides and other health-damaging toxins. My aim is to change the way people eat, cook and think about food.

Lisa Guy

How do you design your juices and cleanses

Speaking from our personal detoxing experiences, which started with a juice cleansing retreat few years ago, we know that the best way to approach it is to have confidence in juice recipes and cleansing programs you decide to take. In order to achieve exactly that, we have decided to collaborate with a highly experienced, qualified, friendly and open minded nutritionist, naturopath and author Lisa Guy, who has so far nutritionally designed every product, juice, cleanse, and smoothie on our website.

Everything we offer to you, comes from a carefully studied and nutritionally balanced ingredients, put together by Lisa, to create a perfect combination of nutrients that can assist you in achieving that natural energy boost, vitality and simply healthier, more balanced diet. I have met Lisa during my time in Sydney, where Lisa lives and works. Her passion is to help people achieve their optimal health, by changing their way of eating, cooking and thinking about the food. Led by her passion of naturally healing her clients, based on Hippocrates’ credo, “Let food be thy medicine“, Lisa has founded naturopathic clinic in Sydney where she works on helping many people achieve their well being, every day.

Personally she has been a great help on my path to achieving more balanced live, physically and emotionally. I was very fortunate that she believed in our project, and decided to come on board with her professional experience and expertise to help us create the highest quality and the best possible experiences for our customers. More than that she is a true friend and constant source of support and inspiration for us. Lisa’s short “official biography” states the following:

“Lisa is a highly experienced Australian naturopath and author, with 10 years clinical experience. Lisa is passionate about helping people achieve optimal health and happiness, and freedom from illness, through good wholesome foods and juices, healing herbs and homeopathic remedies. Lisa is an avid health writer for leading websites, newspapers and magazines, and is the author of children’s health and nutrition book ‘My Goodness’, ‘Heal yourself’ and ‘Pregnancy essentials’. Lisa also provides online naturopathic consultations for clients around the globe.” There is so much more that we can tell you about Lisa, but we highly recommend you to get to know herself by visiting her website or her Facebook page at

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