Almond mylk 2 500ml

Juice description:

  • This super smoothie is packed with high quality protein to help the body build and repair, as well as keeping you full for longer. Protein helps keep your blood sugar levels balanced and sugar cravings at bay.
  • Pea protein is an easily digested and non-allergic, so great for anyone with allergies or food intolerances.
  • Rich in probiotics to boost your beneficial gut bacteria, which plays a huge role in your digestive and immune health. Including probiotics in your daily diet will help improve digestive complaints such as wind and bloating.
  • Contains calcium to support healthy bones and teeth.
  • Rich in antioxidants, which are your best defense against premature skin aging and wrinkles. Antioxidants also help reduce the risk of chronic diseases by neutralizing cell damaging free radicals.
  • Contains plenty of vitamin C goodness needed to support liver detoxification, good adrenal health and strong immune function. Vitamin C is important for collagen production to maintain healthy skin, blood vessels and bones.
  • Provides zinc, which is important for wound healing and healthy skin, and to boost fertility and immune function.
  • Full of immune boosting compounds to help protect the body from infections.
  • Lucuma is one of the best natural sweeteners around as it has a low glycaemic index and it won’t increase your blood sugar or insulin levels, making it is ideal for diabetics and anyone wanting to decrease their sugar intake. Lucuma has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties too, as well as being beneficial for wound healing and tissue regeneration.

Almond mylk, berries, LSA, vanilla pea protein powder, probiotic powder, honey, bee pollen, and lacuma powder