Almond mylk 3 500ml

Juice description:

  • A great source of protein to build and repair the body. Protein is vital for making collagen and elastin, two main proteins in the skin that make the skin flexible, resilient and smooth. Protein helps promote healthy weight loss too by keeping you full for longer so you don’t overeat, and preventing sugar cravings by keeping blood sugar levels balanced.
  • Rich in beneficial unsaturated fatty acids which are vital for beautiful healthy, youthful skin, as well as healthy brain function and memory, good cardiovascular health and strong immunity.
  • Provides magnesium to support healthy blood sugar levels and prevent sugar cravings. Magnesium is also important for energy production in the body and for alleviating anxiety and insomnia.
  • Raw cacao, which is chocolate in its raw, unprocessed form, is abundant in super antioxidants and complexion-loving nutrients including vitamin C and omega-3 essential fatty acids. Raw cacao contains high levels of polyphenols, namely flavanoids and resveratrol, which have superb antioxidant action. These polyphenols can prevent oxidative damage and help slow down the aging process by protecting collagen from the suns harmful UV rays. Raw cacao also has cardioprotective qualities.
  • Contains zinc, an important mineral that is vital for good reproductive health, wound healing and strong immune function.

Almond mylk, banana, raw cacao, vanilla bean powder, brown rice protein powder, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, and honey